The Accuracy of Ramzi Theory

How accurate is ramzi theory?

Most newly pregnant mothers have heard of Ramzi theory through friends, pregnancy forums or even internet searches. However being able to tell the gender of your baby at only 6 weeks of pregnancy seems too good to be true.

The most researched question when it comes to Ramzi theory ultrasound gender prediction is: Is Ramzi theory accurate? According to it’s creator, yes! In a recent article that was published about the possibility of Ramzi theory being only a myth, Dr. Ramzi went on to comment and defend his hypothesis praising its accuracy rate and detailing why it has not been republished or studied any further. He explained Ramzi theory did not come as a search to find out the gender of the fetus in early pregnancy, instead he was researching chromosomal abnormalities such as XXY syndrome. He does believe that his findings are greatly accurate when it comes to gender determination but he believes it to be unethical due to the high chance of gender disappointment relate abortions. When Ramzi theory is explained, we have to carefully state that the study that was realized and published in has since been removed from the web. However Dr. Saad Ramzi has spoken about the accuracy of Ramzi theory and the main features necessary to achieve the high accuracy rates attained in the study.

So perhaps the most pressing question in Ramzi theory is: How accurate is Ramzi theory? The most popular Ramzi theory accuracy rates that are published in several articles speak of 97.5% accuracy in male fetuses and a 95% accuracy rate for female fetuses. These percentages are not false, they represent the number of accurately predicted male and female pregnancies when studying over 5.000 women in a controlled setting.

However the Ramzi theory accuracy rate will greatly vary on the techniques used by the professional analyzing your ultrasound images. If the person reviewing an ultrasound does not have any diagnostic imaging background, or has not undergone specialized ultrasound-analyzing training their Ramzi theory accuracy cannot be determined and they cannot provide reliable information. Our trained personnel not only has had specialized training with diagnostic imaging and gender determination, but have also performed extensive research on the subject, as well as conducted our own controlled study to test the accuracy rate with our own staff and techniques.

Controlled studies where only high visibility ultrasounds are used with the best way to attain a true Ramzi theory accuracy pool. With these tools we are able to confidently provide our customers with results that are highly accurate.In the official published study, Ramzi theory accuracy greatly depended on the use of a color flow doppler to observe the precise direction of the maternal blood flow in the chorionic villi.

Another important factor was multiple ultrasounds at different stages of pregnancy, as well as the Ramzi theory prediction being provided by the ultrasound technician performing the ultrasounds, this way having all the needed information first hand should any doubts arise. These two factors provided Dr. Ramzi with high accuracy rates by ensuring that visibility of the chorionic villi was optimal and that any necessary factors were noted.